When you arrive at Anchor Church, look for Kids Check-In area. A staff or volunteer will be there to answer any questions you may have, help you get checked in, and find the right room for your child. 

All Kids volunteers and staff are background-checked and trained before they start volunteering – so know that your kids are in safe hands. We show your kids that church is a safe place where they will be cared for by adults they can trust. 



Ages 6m – 23m

We help even our youngest kids become familiar with Bible stories and learn about Jesus’ love for them.  We provide your little ones with a place where they feel safe and cared for and can begin to learn how to trust God and others.


Ages 2 – 5

Your preschoolers will experience a fun environment designed help your child become a lifelong follower of Jesus. Each weekend your child will get the opportunity to play, hear a Bible story, sing songs, connect with kids their own age, and be encouraged by adult leaders to make wise decisions. They’ll have fun, feel safe, and learn about God in a way they’ll understand.


Grades K-3

We want your older kids to grow up making wiser choices, building stronger relationships, and develop a deeper faith.  We weave music, messages, and group discussions to reinforce one clear and simple bottom line each week so kids can walk away and remember what matters most. 



Grades 4-5

We want your oldest kids to grow up making the wisest choices, building the strongest relationships, and developing a deeper faith.  We weave music, messages, and group discussions to reinforce one clear and simple bottom line each week so kids can walk away and remember what matters most.



Hey, parents! Teaching your elementary kids about God’s love doesn’t stop when they leave church on the weekends. We want to equip you with tools and resources to help your kids grow in their faith every day.


Is your child ready to make Jesus the leader of their life? Use the guide below with your child to help them begin a relationship with Jesus and grow in their faith.


We want to make sure that your kids understand what baptism is (and isn’t) and why it’s important. If your child has made the decision to follow Jesus and wants to be baptized, click here to understand what their next steps are.


We hope that your child will be fully engaged in AnchorKids, and we want you to be assured that they’ll be safe too. Every weekend at Kids Check-In, your family is assigned a random, three-digit alpha-numeric code that is on your child’s name tag and your security tag. This same code will be displayed in the auditorium in the event that your child needs you. You will use your security tag to pick up your child in AnchorKids after the service. Each weekend your child is joined by incredible volunteers; these volunteers love God and think hanging out with your kids is the best part of their week, too. Every volunteer is trained and screened with background checks to ensure that your child is going to have a fantastic and safe time with us!

Well-Child Policy: We want all of our kids to remain healthy and happy, so we ask that kids be kept at home with any of the following symptoms and/or illnesses: fever, active chickenpox, runny nose, measles, questionable rashes, mumps, coughing, conjunctivitis (pink eye), diarrhea, fifths disease, impetigo, sore throat, vomiting.