Here at Anchor Church, everyone is welcome! Our mission is simply ‘Bringing Hope to the Hopeless’.

OUR PASTORS Shaun + Teresa Blakeney

Our lead pastors, Shaun and Teresa Blakeney have a heart to see revival happen in south Florida and beyond. They believe that Jesus is using His church to accomplish the mission of bringing hope to the hopeless. They believe that the church is God’s plan A for radical transformation in the hearts of all people…there is no plan B.

Our Core Values are WHO WE ARE.  They are not just what we do, they are the life blood that runs through the veins of Anchor Church.  We don’t just want to speak about our core values, we want to live out our core values.


Lavish means: to bestow something in generous or extravagant quantities. We will be a church that pours love on people. We won’t show you love because of what you have done, but because of WHO YOU ARE. At Anchor Church you won’t get sprinkled with love, you’ll be showered in it.


Generosity is when we give more than is required.  We don’t see giving as a “have to” we see giving as a “get to.”  We are generous with all our time, talents and treasures so that we can give back to a God who has been overwhelmingly generous to us.


We don’t believe worship is just something that we do, we believe worship is who we are.  Worship is expressing reverence and adoration to something greater than ourselves.  In life we will all worship something, we have chosen to worship God the creator with our whole being.


If you are too big to serve than you are too small to lead.  We believe you are never more like Jesus than when you serve.  We believe serving others is the greatest form of leadership.  We will always serve and put others first as we strive to be more like Jesus.


Every single thing we do at Anchor Church is done with passion and excellence.  Passion drives us.  But there is nothing we will have more passion for than following after Jesus.  Our pursuit is to become more like Him every single day.

9764 S Military Trail
Boynton Beach, FL 33436